The Once and Future Yost!

What can you say but WOW! I left Yost after visiting the open house on Sunday, wondering what the old barn, now new is going to look like once everyone is in the stands! They sure did a wonderful job with the renovations, I’m excited to be visiting again there soon.So, this is the first installment of Section 25. That’s going to take a while to get used to since I’m so used to being in Section 111. Many people had their seats changed a little by the renovations, but since they didn’t do anything to my section but change the number, I guess I get to stay in the same seat. This really is a good thing! As the season wears on, you’ll hear my opinions on the Michigan Hockey team and how they are performing as I see it from my seat in Section 25.

Included below are a few pictures that I took while walking through the open house. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did my visit. It’s a whole new venue. My impressions? The light from the windows is awesome, the new corridors around the outside feel narrower, I’m not looking forward to that during intermissions. The lighting and the sound system seem prepped to be a lot better, and of course, I don’t know what is in store from the concession areas, although those are totally revamped as well. I am hoping for something other than hotdogs and pizza though as I frequently arrive at Yost directly from the office.

The Blue/White scrimmage is on Sunday at 5pm, followed by Skate with the Wolverines and then an AHL exhibition game between the Grand Rapid Griffons (Red Wings affiliate where Luke Glendening, last years captain is playing), and the Lake Erie Monsters (Colorado Avalanche affiliate where Darren Oliver, another former Wolverine is coaching). I expect to see several former Wolverines at the Blue / White scrimmage, because a) the NHL is locked out so they don’t have anything else to do, and b) the annual alumni game didn’t happen because of the renovations to Yost. If you have the time on Sunday, you should definitely stop in and see how they have changed the old Yost into something exciting and new.

Watch for more here on the Wolverines after I have a chance to see them at the scrimmage. Until then, here are some images for you to look at from the new Yost!

The view from the door to the ice on the north side.

Another view from the door to the ice on the North side.

The windows behind section 25.

The East Side – Parents, Visiting Parents and Students (Oh My!)

The West Side

One of the new corridors. Looks like a tight fit.

The Block M at Center Ice


2 thoughts on “The Once and Future Yost!

  1. Man, Yost looks so much whiter now. Maybe it’s a new paint coat in the rafters or maybe it’s the metal bleachers or maybe it’s the new sunlight, but my thoughts of Yost have always been brown and gray with lots of maize people thrown on top

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