Swept by the Irish…

It’s really hard to get excited about writing blog entries when the team just doesn’t play up to par.  Back to back defeats at the hands of the Irish are just to painful to recall.  We can’t expect that we are going to win games scoring just one goal with our lineups.  We have to find ways to put the puck in the net multiple times a game.  The defense and our freshmen goalies have to keep us in games (which I think they did for these two games), but we definitely have to outscore the opposition.

It sure would have been nice to win on the night of the Rededication of Yost.  They had a huge ceremony with a large number of former Wolverines on the ice during the first intermission.  They had a large pair of scissors that was supposed to “Cut the Net”, but they were having trouble making that work (anyone have a pocket knife?).  The crowd was given Blue Glowsticks to use during the intermission.  That might have been the highlight of the night.

When was the last time we were in ninth place in the CCHA this far into the season.  That’s another thing I just don’t want to contemplate.  Heck, tonight we host Bowling Green, the proverbial doormat of the CCHA and I’m nervous that we aren’t going to come out victorious for this one either. 

Ok, so last post I said I wasn’t panicing, but I’m now close.  The boys need to step up and start delivering on the promise of this team.  My feeling is that we’re going to be without Merrill for an extended period of time yet, so the defense is going to have to step up, and so are our goal scorers.   A.J. can’t shoulder the burden of this.  Guptill, PDG, and Lynch mob need to start putting the puck in the net.  We need 4-5 goals per game to be successful.

Let’s see what we can do to help.  I expect tonight might be a quiet night at Yost.  Make yourself heard and let’s see if we can’t bring home a victory before the holiday!

And now for the pictures from the game:

Andrew Copp along the right side boards in front of the bench

Another shot of Copp along the boards.

Trouba makes his way back to the bench for a line change.

Former players on the ice, Blue Glowsticks in hand for the crowd.

Treais coming on the ice for a faceoff.

Boo Nieves prepares for a faceoff

AJ handling the puck at the blue line on the power play

Hyman lets loose a slapshot.

@eaglescout03 with his best Bullwinkle impression.

PDG changing lines

Lynch with another faceoff win.

Two games in a row we had to have an empty net. The EN goalie gave up a goal as well each game.

Lee Moffie, stick in hand and ready to go.

Nieves skates off with his head hung low after the sweep by the Irish.







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