Splitting with State – A Home Win

Friday night at Yost the Wolverines looked unbeatable.  In a 5-1 win they looked like the totally dominant team.  On Saturday night the Spartans returned the favor at Munn with a 7-2 whipping of the boys in blue.  What is going on with the Friday/Saturday splits.  I really wish I could figure it out as it really seems to make no sense at all.

Jared Rutledge was in goal for Michigan on Friday and for the first two periods on Saturday.  In Friday’s game he looked great, on Saturday he gave up 3 goals in the first 10 minutes.  I wish that things were more clear on why there is such a big difference from Friday to Saturday.

As I sat in my seat in Section 25 on Friday I really tried to determine why the Wolverines looked so dominant.  They looked faster, more physical and more confident.  Maybe it really is a home ice advantage.  I’m not really sure.  One thing that occurred to me is that we have seemed stronger on the faceoff this year.  In particular I have thought that Travis Lynch seemed to be exceptionally strong when the puck drops.  I was rather surprised to look at the season stats and find that we are only winning faceoffs at a .517 clip.  It has certainly seemed better to me.  Digging deeper into the stats though I found that with the exception of Treais, anyone who has more than 4 faceoffs is winning exceptionally more of them.  Selman, Guptill and Lynch are at .540, .531 and .521 respectively, while Treais is only winning .485 of his faceoffs.  So maybe my perception isn’t that far off.

I’ve learned not to panic too early with Red’s teams, as he seems to find a way to have them peak at the right times, but right now, running at a .500 clip every weekend is a little depressing considering the talent we seem to have on these lines.  I know, I know….we have two freshman goaltenders and have had a number of issues with Defensemen missing games for various reasons.  I still wish we could replicate our Friday successes and turn our weekend splits into weekend sweeps.

It’s already late in the week, and the first of the two Notre Dame games is over and I haven’t yet had a chance to post this installment, so I’m going to go ahead and post the pictures and then get ready for tonight’s game and hope for our Friday night magic to work again!  Go Blue!


Lee Moffie with the puck followed closely by Forfar

Yanakeff looks over his shoulder to see the puck in the net off the stick of Sparks


Kevin Lynch wins a defensive zone faceoff.

The Russian Bar Trio performed at half time. If you missed it, you should definitely check it out on Youtube. She was phenomenal.

Kevin Lynch goes in for a shot on Yanakeff, but is turned away. This is the only bad part about my seats…why didn’t we go for seamless glass?

Another Handsome Goalie, this time it’s Rutledge showing off in front of the net.

The team celebrates the 5-1 win over State with Rutledge










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